Flexible Multi-Event Tracking

One App for participants and spectators. Download Racemap App for free!

  • Feel the Race

    Exciting information: Easy-to-use interface provides statistics and a live visualization on smartphones.

  • Little Effort, Big Impact

    Racemap App safes your on-site staff a lot of time with a small budget, as usage is already included.

  • Growing Potential

    Scalable Tracking App for all kinds of sports events: Define visibility for each of your competition corresponding to the target group.

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    Seamless & Comprehensive Solution

    One App for spectators & participants, one App for all your events. Racemap App shows your sports events & works as GPS Live Tracker.

For Participants as GPS Live Tracker

Spectators watch the competition

Prepare Live Tracking with Racemap App


Test Live Tracking

Test Live Tracking before your race, to get to know how tracking works well at the competition.

Share Tracking Map

Share the link of your Tracking Map in WhatsApp, Facebook. That way your family and friends keep track of your race easily. 

Stow Smartphone

Fix your smartphone properly: at the upper arm, in a tricot pocket or in the backpack lid pocket of your bag.

It is possible to perform more than 15 hours of Live Tracking with Racemap App (powerbank). Tracking affects the battery life of your smartphone. Battery life depends on your device, the battery, your usage behavior and on network coverage.

    Charge & restart your phone.
    Stop all apps you do not need.
    Use a powerbank for long events.